A collection of useful modules for ComputerCraft/CC: Tweaked. There's not much rhyme or reason to this really, so feel free to PR useful libraries you might have.

Have a look through the modules below, see what might be useful, and then use them in your own projects!


metis.argparseA really basic argument parser.
metis.asyncA basic system for running multiple tasks at the same time.
metis.crypto.sha1Calculate the SHA1 hash for some text.
metis.exceptionUtilities for working with errors and exceptions.
metis.fsExtends the CC's fs library with additional utility functions.
metis.input.keybindingA system for handling keyboard shortcuts.
metis.input.readlineAn extension of CC's builtin read function (and, and utilities to work with it.
metis.mathExtends the default math library with additional utility functions.
metis.stringExtends the default string library with additional utility functions.
metis.string.fuzzyDetermines if an input string str matches a given search pattern.
metis.timerUtilities for working with timers.


Using metis in your own projectsThe simplest way to use metis is just to copy and paste individual functions or modules into your own project.